Project Design and Review

Many cities have design review committees whose main purpose is to ensure that there are consistent design principles for residential and commercial structures.  This contributes to the creation of a neighborhood with a positive, cohesive sense of place, making it a more attractive, safe, and inviting place to live or work.   
Design guidelines have been created for use by residents, developers, design professionals, the City planning staff, the City’s design review boards and the general public. They are intended to facilitate the design review process by helping applicants and staff identify and devise solutions for design issues early in the application process.   Projects will be reviewed for compliance with the design principles identified in the city guidelines. Although it is understood that not all design principles will be applicable to all proposed projects, conformance with relevant principles is required.  

Michael Moser Development has extensive experience with design review committees up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle. The experts associated with Michael Moser Development have the required knowledge, skills, and existing relationships on the West Coast to work with the design review committees to get your project approved.  It is also important to point out that each project will be assigned to one of Michael Moser Development design teams, with the requisite experience to not only give you a project designed the way you envision it, but also using cutting design techniques to make sure the building is the most efficient possible.