General Plan Amendment

California State law requires that all cities and counties have comprehensive general plans that provide a policy statement and guide for the development and conservation of a community.  All general plans are required to consist of the following elements: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, and safety.
Although the City and or County will periodically review and update its General Plan, occasionally a need arises to change some specific portion of the Plan based on project specifics from a landowner or developer.  As an example, adding a residential component to a business park to create a mixed-use project may require the General Plan to be amended to reflect the change requested.  The project, in most jurisdictions, would need planning commission and City Council approval in order to change the General Plan.  There are circumstances that may allow a conditional use permit instead of a General Plan amendment.  Michael Moser Development provides the team your project needs to understand the way projects are approved by both the government and the community that is impacted by the project.